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Joe Pa

Even seasoned pros sometimes are in awe of a legendary figure.  I have covered many events in my life and met some amazing people, but this past weekend my goal was to meet and take a photo of Joe Pa.  Goal accomplished.  In every job no matter what, you need to set a goal.  Setting goals keeps you focussed and gives you a great deal of confidence when your goal is achieved.  My goal on Saturday was to get a good photo of the legendary coach whether it ever saw the light of day in any paper or magazine.  I wanted it for my own reasons.  Sometimes personal goals and business goals can be shared and will benefit each other.  While studying the coach and looking for the shot I wanted, I took several other photos that have been published already. In this image Joe Pa is looking around the stadium as if reflecting on a friend and fellow colleague the “Bear”. This is the image I wanted and he may not have thought of Coach Bryant at any point, but I’d like to think this was his moment to say goodbye to a friend.


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