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Slice of Life Photography

Little Model

When working with children sometimes they get frustrated with someone telling them look here, smile, turn this way.  On this shoot, the young girl was growing tired of the commands so I told her to rest for a minute and she proceeded to lean against the column.  Once she relaxed she started to play by peeking around the column and smiling.  I let her play for a minute and then snapped this picture.  She was showing her true personality and you can only get that from a natural pose.  Don’t force poses, but let them happen.  I love to photograph kids from a distance with a long lens so they are unaware I am taking their photo.  They are not intimidated by the camera or afraid, but just being themselves.


Dancing in the Rain

Rain DanceAs a photographer you sometimes have to take what mother nature gives you and this year she has given a little more than usual.  Weather always adds to a photo.  Whether it is clouds, a storm, or as in this picture human interaction with the weather.  This cheerleader was enjoying life to the fullest in a downpour. So the next time weather dampens your  photo experience, look around it might just lead to something that makes you appreciate the simple things in life. A dance in the Rain.


DugoutSome of the best sports photos of all times have come from off the field. Don’t get me wrong I love the action shots too and spend most of my efforts trying to capture those moments. However, I love to search the sidelines and dugouts in between plays looking for anything that might grab my attention.  Everyone can shoot this type of shot without all the high tech and long lenses, it just takes awareness.  So the next time your wanting to get a shot to remember turn around and see what awaits.

BDP Tips and Tricks

Sideline Emotion Sometimes the best photos in sports do not actually happen on the field. Always be aware of what is happening all around you. In Sideline Emotion, I turned in time to see the top defensive player seated on the bench, obviously frustrated with his team’s performance. The emotions that we can sense from him seem to be calling for the chance to get back out there on the field one more time. On the next series, the defense intercepted a pass and our sideline player did get that chance to play again, helping to bring the team to a victory. So, the next time you’re at a sporting event, look around on the benches. There are plenty of photographs just waiting to be captured.