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High Flyin

High FlyinCovering Talladega is like a box a chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.  As stated in an earlier post patience is the key for a moment like this.  You have to be ready to press the button at any second and this whole sequence of photos only took 4 seconds.  Several photographers around me didn’t get the shot because their cameras were down by their side and you can’t react quick enough.  The key lesson to learn is photography is not a reaction it is a readiness for something to happen.  You have to anticipate the moment before and then record it.  On the last lap at Talladega anything can happen and usually does, so anticipating a close ending can result in many things from a clean pass to win, a block to hold onto the win, or as in this case a wreck for the history books.  Plan and you will get the shot no matter what the outcome will be.


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